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The new Color Cube makes color selection easy and fun! With 250 color palettes as handy cards to help build your confidence in choosing colors that look good.

It brings the much-loved color palettes from the Color Catalog into your hands in a whole new way, with a Cube that’s as inspiring and colorful as the ideas it offers inside.

You can grab your favorite color palettes to compare, match the colors right up against whatever you are working on, or even clip them to your project to come back to later.

Each card features the image and colors on the front for inspiration, and then features the colors again on the back, right up to the edge of the card. The back also includes the hex codes for graphic designers or digital artists, as well as darker and lighter shades of each color to help you choose those too.

Challenge yourself to try something new, and be inspired by colors you’d never dare to try.

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